2004.5+ Duramax - Turbocharger Vane Position Sensor - 763527-0712

2004.5+ Duramax - Turbocharger Vane Position Sensor - 763527-0712

Product ID: 763527-0712
Manufacturer: Garrett
Price : $265.00USD

2004+ Duramax

Note: LLY will need an adapter, part number 771864-0001
A genuine Garrett part and a much much less costly option than buying the OEM GM part # 12635324 or 19210790.

The Turbo Vane Position Sensor is what allows your diesels ECU/ECM unit to properly control the variable geometry turbo vanes on your turbo. This sensor has been a common fail point on the Duramax so if your diesels performance has been intermittent or just suddenly lost it's low-end or high-end, it's possible this sensor has failed. When it does fail the vanes in the turbo are usually stuck in one position, robbing your turbo of it's variable nature to produce its max power. This is also why it's not always the low-end and not always the high-end power you lose because it depends on where your sensor failed and has left the vanes open to.

Note: 2004-2005 LLY models will also need to purchase Adapter Harness Part# 771864-0001.

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