South Bend Racing Clutch and flywheel - 425hp/900tq - 1947-OK

South Bend Racing Clutch and flywheel - 425hp/900tq - 1947-OK

Product ID: 1947-OK
Manufacturer: South Bend Clutch
Price : $727.50USD

Dodge Cummins 5.9L (2000.5-2005.5) NV5600NV5600
1947-OK -Clutch & Flywheel- Performance Organic Lining Modified Pressure Plate for smooth engagement 13" accepts 1-3/8" shaft Includes Flywheel 1670104-6 Rated to handle 400 HP and 800 ft lbs. of torque This Dyna Max kit features a variation from organic to organic and feramic or all feramic linings with marcelled fins. This pressure plate has been modified for higher plate load and smoothness of engagement. This kit will accept the 1 3/8" input shaft to allow you to convert from 5 speed to 6 speed transmission without having to purchase the 6sp flywheel. This kit comes with everything in the picture. This kit will ranged in holding power, depending on the configuration, from stock horsepower to 550hp

South Bend Clutch Dyna Max organic clutch kits are manufactured with performance organic friction material. Designed to provide smooth clutch engagement, South Bend Clutch Dyna Max organic clutch kits include everything you need to do the job, including KEVLARŪ pilot bushings. These kits are available for a variety of applications with or without a flywheel.

Input Spline Quantity: 10

Input Shaft Diameter: 1.375 in.

Disc Diameter (in): 13.000 in.

Disc Diameter (mm): 330mm

Disc Material: Organic

Disc Style: Full face, sprung hub

Pressure Plate Style: Diaphragm

Throwout Bearing Included: Yes

Throwout Bearing Style: Standard

Alignment Tool Included: Yes

Pilot Bushing Included: Yes

Pilot Bushing Material: Steel

Flywheel Included: Yes

Flywheel Material: Steel

Counterweight Assist: No

Mounting Hardware Included: Yes

Notes: NV5600 245 horsepower HO transmission. Recommended for use up to 400 horsepower, 800 lbs. of torque.