2004-2010 Duramax LLY/LBZ/LMM – New Garrett Turbocharger – 848212-5001S

Code: 848212-5001S


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Garrett by Honeywell turbochargers incorporate the latest engineering updates for all Duramax engine model years providing a more robust unit.

The center housing has been enhanced, with the addition of 3 cobalt pins, in order to reduce distortion and improve vane actuation. As a result the durability of the turbocharger has been greatly improved.

Banjo bolt is included. 1-year manufacturer parts warranty.

Reference: Replaces GM Part Numbers – 97387896, 98011735, 12639460 and Garrett Turbo Part Numbers – 736554-0015, 759622-0005, 790032-0004, 763333-0005.

Model Specific

This part fits select models

Chev/GMCDuramax 6.6 LLY2004
Chev/GMCDuramax 6.6 LLY2005
Chev/GMCDuramax 6.6 LLY/LBZ2006
Chev/GMCDuramax 6.6 LLY/LBZ2007
Chev/GMCDuramax 6.6 LMM2007
Chev/GMCDuramax 6.6 LMM2008
Chev/GMCDuramax 6.6 LMM2009
Chev/GMCDuramax 6.6 LMM2010

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