2007.5+ Dodge 6.7L – Open Breather Kit

Code: PDR-OBK-6.7C


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  • Filter Element
  • 90 degree hose
  • Billet plug for air inlet connection
  • Clamps


The Open Breather Kit converts the closed system back to an open breather. This eliminates the oil buildup on the turbo compressor and maintains intercooler cleanliness. 90° vent hose encourages oil drain back and helps eliminate drips. This kit does retain the stock CCV filter.

To clean the element just wash it in warm soapy water, rinse, and air dry before installing.



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Model Specific

This part fits select models

DodgeCummins 6.72007
DodgeCummins 6.72008
DodgeCummins 6.72009
DodgeCummins 6.72010
DodgeCummins 6.72011
DodgeCummins 6.72012
DodgeCummins 6.72013
DodgeCummins 6.72014
DodgeCummins 6.72015
DodgeCummins 6.72016
DodgeCummins 6.72017
DodgeCummins 6.72018
DodgeCummins 6.72019