2011-2014 Ford 6.7L – F250/350 – Turbocharger – Remanufactured

Code: 851824-9001

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This turbo features a ball bearing cartridge as opposed to the conventional journal bearings you would see in most turbochargers. Because of this the spool up time is increased significantly and in turn leads to improved fuel economy. The double sided compressor wheel and twin scrolled cover give you some of the benefits of a twin turbo set-up in a single turbo.

Because of these features, it makes these turbos very hard to remanufacture and for most – impossible. We VSR(vibration sort rig) all of our cartridges as conventional balancing is not able to be done on these units. All new steel bearings, seals, kits, rings are replaced and any other major component is replaced as needed.

Most importantly – there is a 3 year/unlimited mileage warranty.