Archoil Fuel Modification Complex (16oz) – AR6200-16

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AR6200 protects your engine and improves torque and fuel efficiency by addressing issues associated with poor quality fuel. AR6200 produces a more complete and efficient fuel burn, reducing harmful soot emissions and improving MPG (2-8% on average for US diesel) depending on fuel quality and engine condition. The product is highly concentrated and contains no unnecessary “fillers�. At a cost of only 7.8 cents per gallon of fuel treated (8oz bottle), AR6200 represents an excellent value compared to other, less concentrated or more diluted products. AR6200 should be added at every refill and is suitable for use in a broad range of fuel types including diesel and other hydrocarbon fuels. AR6200 produces a clean and more complete combustion event which results in a reduction in particulate matter (soot/carbon) deposits. Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) systems and turbochargers will operate more efficiently, maintaining engine responsiveness. Vehicles equipped with a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) will benefit from less frequent and more efficient regeneration, extended service life and reduced maintenance requirements. AR6200 incorporates a dispersant that dissolves dirt and gummed fuel (sludge) that does not burn readily and can accumulate and plug fuel filters and injectors. A fuel stabilizer prevents the formation of sludge and permits long term fuel storage (at least one year). AR6200 also improves lubricity of fuel and provides some detergency, while a corrosion inhibitor and biocide further protect your fuel system. AR6200 also incorporates a demulsifier that separates water from fuel to be removed by the water separator in diesel engines. Water reduces the lubricity of fuel and can cause excessive wear in the fuel system or upper cylinder. Water can also damage injector tips and pistons as it rapidly expands when exposed to combustion temperatures.