ATS 2029013228 Ported Shroud Compressor Housing with 4-Inch Boot

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Owners of many “modified” 99.5+ 7.3L Powerstroke Diesel Trucks have experienced a condition called Compressor Surge. Surge occurs when the pressure on the discharge side of the compressor exceeds the capability of the turbocharger to continue to move air. A temporary “stall” of the intake airflow occurs until the pressure in the discharge side drops and airflow continues in the “forward” direction again. If the cause of the stall (combination of load, throttle position, etc.) still exists, it will occur again and again. This is called “Pumping” or “Surge” , and will emit a “whoosh whoosh whoosh” sound from the intake tube between the turbo and air filter. Surge may also show up on your boost gauge as a fluctuating needle.

Compressor Surge can be very damaging to a turbocharger due to the tremendous thrust load changes on the compressor wheel and shaft. The ATS Ported Shroud Compressor Housing is designed to increase your turbo life by eliminating the damaging effect of compressor surge. The ATS Ported Shroud Compressor Housing is designed with a 4″ intake (stock is 3″) and exclusive Inducer Bleed Ring. Utilizing a 4″ intake results in a 13% increase in choke flow, allowing more air to flow into the compressor wheel. Inducer Bleed acts to broaden the range of the compressor wheel, smooth out air flow, and eliminate turbo compressor surge. While the ATS Ported Shroud Compressor Housing may cost more than other methods of fixing Compressor Surge (like a new compressor wheel), changing to the ATS housing doesn’t require removal of the turbo or balancing of the rotating assembly. The savings in removal/installation time, downtime and the labor cost of turbo assembly balancing make the ATS Ported Shroud Compressor Housing an excellent choice for solving your compressor surge problem.

Features & Benefits:

  • Enlarged 4″ inlet flows better with OEM wheel than merely upgrading the compressor wheel
  • Increased turbo life
  • Eliminates compressor surge
  • 4″ intake and exclusive inducer bleed ring
  • 13% increase in airflow
  • Smoother exit airflow
  • Increased efficiency and performance

Due to regulations from ATS, this kit cannot be shipped to the state of California. Please look through our product selection for alternatives from other manufacturers if you are in California. If you have any questions about alternatives, please give us a call or send us an e-mail.

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