BD Diesel 1064244 Heavy Duty Performance Transmission – 4WD

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BD Diesel 1064244 Details

Dodge 68RFE Automatic Transmissions

The electronic controls of the 68RFE and 6.7L Cummins combination makes the replacement of the transmission too complex for the back yard mechanic or small shop to perform – special scanners, gauges, tooling and flushing machines are required to get the job done right within the warranty specifications without instant failures occurring. BD has set up an expanding network of installation centers that can supply and install your new BD 68RFE transmission.

Modifications Over Stock 68RFE Transmissions Include:

  • Pump Improvements – BD’s 68RFE pumps have a new regulator valve design and along with new valve body separator plate and Pressure Control module can deliver up to 250 PSI clutch apply pressure providing 150% more holding force above stock to prevent clutch slippage.
  • BD One-Way Clutch – The Low and Reverse sprag clutch with dog-bone style dawgs that bind and wedge themselves to destruction are replaced with a new BD exclusive, heavy duty constructed cam and roller style one-way clutch preventing these explosive failures.
  • Electronic Pressure Controller – BD’s 68RFE Electronic Pressure Controller dynamically adjusts the hydraulic apply pressures based on accelerator pedal position (APPS) which is used in governing engine load and responsiveness through transmission gear selection. The modules dynamic control ramps up the much larger sweep right up to 250 PSI mainline pressure as needed dynamically. This is not accomplished with any other aftermarket engine tuner.

    NOTE: Before the transmission is removed clutch fluid volume index numbers must be recorded using an OEM or equivalent scan tool.


Model Specific

This part fits select models

DodgeCummins 6.72007
DodgeCummins 6.72008
DodgeCummins 6.72009
DodgeCummins 6.72010
DodgeCummins 6.72011