Edge Insight CTS3 Digital Monitoring System – 84130-3

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Edge has raised the bar again with the innovative features in the CTS3 screen that are not found in similar tuners/monitors. A modern, sleek, and powerful for vehicle monitoring system for your car or truck.

• Razor-thin display integrates into your cab seamlessly unlike other bulky monitors and busy gauge clusters

• 5” HD screen, the largest available on the market, accommodates up to multiple colors and clocks at a faster frame rate than competing monitors

• Proprietary one-touch navigation menu. Seamlessly swipe through data and check alerts with the most intuitive and improved user interface ever designed for a truck programmer/monitor

• One HDMI cable to power the monitor and link your EAS accessories as opposed to multiple inputs and bulkier cables that come standard on other devices

• Day or night with Edge’s built-in light sensitivity meter your monitor will adjust the brightness giving you the ideal brightness while driving


Edge has been and still is the king of truck performance and monitoring. We increase the maximum exposure of your engine while simultaneously monitoring parameters for alerts to improve your overall driving experience.

• Multiple shift-on-the-fly performance tuning settings with EAS and serial to control power and control for any situation

• Log, graph, and export hundreds of parameter to track or improve performance

• Test and track performance runs such as 0-60 mph, 0-100 mph, 1/8 mile, and 1/4 mile

• The tech specs are where it shines- packing over a gigabyte of RAM, on-board storage, and a capacitive touch screen, all powered by a powerful ARM 9 TI processor


Everyone’s needs are different. Whether you are using your truck for work, pleasure, or competition – no other vehicle monitoring system gives you more customization options than Edge!

• Display hundreds of different combinations of gauges in digital or analog format in Metric or US units

• Set audible & visual alert notifications when certain parameters or temperatures are met

• Adjust the background or upload a custom background, gauge arcs, keylines, and needles to virtually any color to make it your own

• EAS (Expandable Accessory System) compatible. Add additional sensors, probes, and switches and monitor them on the screen

• Add safety by installing a backup camera. CTS3 contains a USB port and accommodates the simple install of Edge’s Backup camera


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