FASS DRP02 Replacement Lift Pump – 1998.5-2002 Cummins 5.9L

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FASS Dodge Replacement System is a reliable diesel fuel system for Dodge Cummins 24V engines, tackling common factory issues. Its robust motor ensures consistent fuel pressure, enhancing efficiency and horsepower. Easy installation, suitable for novice and experienced mechanics using factory mounting points.

Factory Fuel System Failure:

Factory system failure is a common issue for Dodge Cummins 24 Valve diesel engines, impacting both stock and modified engines. The smaller, weak motor near the engine struggles to pull fuel from the rear-mounted tank, particularly in modified engines, resulting in premature failure. This strain leads to overheating, causing low fuel pressure, reduced throttle response, fuel economy, and horsepower, and potential damage to the VP44 injection system.

DRP Relocation Brackets:

Optimize the DRP series System’s performance with our optional relocation kit, bringing the System closer to the fuel tank. By reducing the distance for fuel intake and placing it under pressure, the system functions more efficiently as a “pusher,” alleviating strain on the motor and enhancing fuel supply to the injection system. *Kit sold separately

Cummins Direct Replace System Features:

  • Larger More Powerful Motor
  • Factory Replacement System
  • Simple Installation
  • All Installation Hardware Included
  • Works With DRP Relocation Kit

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DodgeCummins 5.91998
DodgeCummins 5.91999
DodgeCummins 5.92000
DodgeCummins 5.92001
DodgeCummins 5.92002