South Bend Racing Street Dual Disc Rated for 800HP – SDD3600-6

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Lever type pressure plate with heavy increase in pedal pressure, 6 ceramic buttons per side of disc, 800 hp (good for drag racing) WILL require hydraulic upgrades All the clutch components in this assembly are made of steel. The center plate is lugged to fit the flywheel. This complete clutch has no special requirements for install. It is a direct replacement of the OEM clutch. Dodge 5 speeds will, however, require a 1 3/8″ input shaft upgrade. All flywheels will have a bronze/feramic insert that will be removable. This feature will allow us to replace the insert, instead of the flywheel, when it is time to be rebuilt. We have variations of friction materials as well as different sequences of buttons. Please refer to the chart above for the clutch that will suit your needs.


South Bend Clutch Street Dual Disc Clutch Kit SDD3600-6 This SBC clutch kit is for 2000.5-2005.5 Dodge 24 Valve 5.9L Cummins 6 Speed NV5600 trucks.


Rated for 650-750hp – 1200tq 12-Button Performance Organic “O” Style Friction Material Facing Flywheel and Pressure Plate 12-Button Ceramic Style Friction Material Facing the Floater Plate Pinned Floater Plate for Decreased Rattle when Disengaged Neoprene Style Bushing in Center Section of Clutch Discs for Dampening Clutch Discs are Dampened, Free-Travel Design to Lessen Gear Roll-Over 13 Diaphragm Style 3600lb Pressure Plate


SDD3600 Clutch (Pressure Plate, Two Discs, Floater Plate, and Flywheel) Clutch Adjustment Tool Bolts Throwout Bearing To offer the best combination of both drivability and durability, South Bend Clutch designed the Street Dual Disc series that includes clutch discs with two different friction materials. The inside of each disc–the side that faces the floater plate where the most heat is generated–features durable ceramic friction material. The ceramic buttons can handle up to 1100 degrees. On the outside of the clutch discs–which face the flywheel and the pressure plate respectively–South Bend Clutch put their performance organic friction material. This allows for smooth engagement and strong holding power at the pressure plate and flywheel where the temperature doesn’t get as high.


This is a Street Dual Disc. This IS NOT a SFI Pulling Clutch.

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DodgeCummins 5.92000
DodgeCummins 5.92001
DodgeCummins 5.92002
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